Sunday, March 4, 2012


So, Katie has this amazing idea about something we both decided to do (but only one of us decided to blog about). She's already got a wonderfully uplifting-edifying-encouraging-of-teenager-and-other-ages kind of blog here: Since I started this splintered blog upon her urging, I've decided to do something with it, instead of take up a perfectly good URL for no reason.


The idea is that we read one chapter in the Bible per day, and try to find a promise of God in it. I personally have decided to use this blog to write about that. But I would like to do the Old Testament and the New Testament in tandem--so I'll be writing about Genesis 1 the same day I write about Matthew 1, etc. And I'll be skipping genealogies in order to avoid over-analyzing and focusing on something that may not be exactly applicable to my Christian walk (unless there's a gem like the Prayer of Jabez hidden in them or something).

Expect the first post tomorrow.


  1. Your awesome writing brings a smile to my face EVERY TIME.

  2. Dorothy, thanks so much. Who needs a fan base when you've got Dorothy!