Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What on earth do I write about!

I created this blog to follow my best friend's blog. Then I decided to post something on it, seeing as I now have a blog to follow my best friend's blog, and since her blog has so many wonderful posts, my blog just looked sad and all forlorn and unposted on.
That's right, I DID just end a sentence on a preposition.
Anyway, I had gone through the pain and torture of trying to name my blog, and then finding a URL that hadn't been taken. Then I experienced the pure joy that comes from selecting a lovely theme for my blog. After this emotional roller coaster, I discovered that my theme and my URL and the name of my blog all looked really amazing on the internet. But there was one thing missing: an actual post.
So here I am, typing away on my dying laptop and still trying to discover the meaning of my blog. (Oh no, I sound like a new-age spiritualist.) I hope you've enjoyed reading about absolutely nothing. But, since you've put forth the effort, I may as well reward you. Here's a lovely picture to look at. (BAM! 'Nother sentence ending with a preposition. So rad.)
Actually, here's two.

That last picture was what my best friend (who is sitting approximately three feet away from me) was doing while I was reading aloud my post.

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